Experiences at Club Mahindra Gir Resort

Club Mahindra Gir offers a unique blend of experiences that cater to nature lovers and adventure seekers. From the thrill of jungle safaris in the Gir National Park, home to the rare Asiatic lions, to bird watching and nature walks, families can immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of the wilderness. The resort also offers cultural experiences, showcasing the rich heritage of Gujarat. Whether it's relaxing in the serene environment or engaging in exhilarating wildlife encounters, every experience at Club Mahindra Gir is about connecting with nature and creating lasting family memories, making this the best resort in Gir.

Learn Towel Origami
Kathiawadi Cuisine
Pool party with family
Jungle Theme Night
Aqua Aerobics
Happy Hub Workshops
Visit Porbandar
Admire the Portuguese Architecture in Diu
Somnath Temple
Ancient Buddhist Caves
TulsiShyam Anti-Gravity Hills

Luxurious Amenities at Club Mahindra Gir Resort

Every accommodation at Club Mahindra Gir Resort is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay. The AC rooms keep you cool in the warm climate. A mini fridge stores your refreshments and snacks. Valuables can be safely secured in the safe locker. Each room comes with a tea/coffee maker, allowing you to enjoy your favourite beverages anytime. Dinner plates and utensils are provided for in-room dining convenience. An ironing board keeps your clothes crease-free. Rooms also feature a microwave for quick meal preparations, and a telephone for any in-resort requests.

  • Parking Facility
  • Swimming Pool
  • Laundry Service
  • Indoor and Outdoor Games
  • Children's Play Area
  • Travel Desk
  • Wi-Fi in Common Areas
  • Doctor on Call
  • Air Conditioning/ Heating
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Safe Locker
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • Dinner Plates/ Utensils
  • Ironing Board on Request
  • Microwave
  • Telephone
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Club Mahindra Gir Resort Room Types

Club Mahindra Gir Resort offers three distinct types of accommodations, each tailored to different needs and preferences. The 1 Bedroom units are spacious and ideal for families, featuring a separate living area for added privacy and comfort. The Studio Rooms are perfect for couples or small families, providing a cosy and efficient space with essential amenities. For guests looking for a compact and convenient stay, the Hotel Units offer all the necessary facilities in a streamlined setting. Each room type is designed to offer a comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable stay amidst the natural beauty of Gir.

Camp Unit

Restaurants & Spa

Indulge in a gastronomic journey at 'The Grill', our in-house restaurant at Club Mahindra Gir Resort. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, The Grill offers a wide range of cuisines including Gujarati, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Continental. Among the must-have dishes are the Himachali Chana Madra, a delightful chickpea curry, and the savoury Bhuna Gosht Adraki. Don’t miss the Palak Dal Kasan ki Khichdi for a unique taste, and the classic Gujarati Undhiyu. For innovative dishes, try the Sev Tamater nu Sheek and Oats Tikki. The Hyderabadi Biryani is a treat for those who love aromatic and flavourful rice dishes. Each dish is prepared with care, offering guests a taste of local and international flavours.

Barbeque Bay Restaurant, Club Mahindra Gir
Barbeque Bay Restaurant, Club Mahindra Gir
Machan, Club Mahindra Gir
Machan, Club Mahindra Gir

One Holiday, Multiple destinations

Each Club Mahindra resort vacation is unique and different and we encourage you to make your vacations even more enriching by adding a few days of stay at nearby Club Mahindra resorts.

Club Mahindra Gir, Gujarat + Club Mahindra Dwarka, Gujarat + Kensville Golf Club and Resort Ahmedaba
  • Club Mahindra Gir, Gujarat + Club Mahindra Dwarka, Gujarat + Kensville Golf Club and Resort Ahmedaba
  • Boulevard 9 + Club Mahindra Dwarka + Club Mahindra Gir
  • Club Mahindra Dwarka + Club Mahindra Gir + Azzaro Resorts and Spa
  • Netrang + Kensville + Gir
  • Azzaro + Devka Beach + Gir
  • Kensville + Dwarka + Gir
  • Devka Beach + Azzaro + Gir

FAQs on Club Mahindra Gir Resort

What are the room amenities at Club Mahindra Gir?

Lounge in your room, watch your favourite movies with the entire family on television and DVD. And, get your much-needed break-time beverage with a tea/coffee maker available in every room.

Is parking available at Club Mahindra Gir?

Yes, parking is available at Club Mahindra Gir.

What are the top USPs of Club Mahindra Gir?

Club Mahindra Gir is nestled right next to the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, the exclusive home to the majestic Asiatic lions. This resort is a one of a kind jungle resort giving visitors a chance to immerse themselves in nature and witness stunning wildlife, all with the comforts and luxuries of a Club Mahindra resort.

How do I reach Club Mahindra Gir?

It is possible to reach Club Mahindra Gir by rail, road and air. The nearest airport is at Diu, which is 105 kms away. Otherwise, you can travel by rail to Veraval station which is only 45 kms from the resort.

What is the best time to visit Club Mahindra Gir?

The best time to visit Gir is in the winter months, between November and February. The mild and pleasant weather will give you a chance to make the most of the outdoor activities and since this season is easier on the animals as well, you’ll have a higher chance to spot the wildlife.

Which Club Mahindra resorts are close to Club Mahindra Gir?

Club Mahindra Hatgad and Club Mahindra Dwarka are close to the resort.

What are the things to do around Club Mahindra Gir?

A multitude of activities are at your disposal near Club Mahindra Gir. Drop the kids off for swimming, dancing or archery lessons, while you go out into the sanctuary to experience a blissful walk with your partner. Or, take the entire family out for an exciting safari ride. At the Resort itself, you’ll find opportunities to participate in volleyball and cricket matches and you can even give aqua zorbing a try.

What are the meal packages available at Club Mahindra Gir?

For meal packages, guests are advised to inquire with the resort office directly.

What is the transfer service available from Club Mahindra Gir?

Paid transfer service is available from the airport to the resort on your request.

What are the tours available from Club Mahindra Gir?

Club Mahindra Gir does offer guided tours to nearby villages and farms, as well as guided safari tours.

What are the different languages spoken by the staff at Club Mahindra Gir?

Most of our staff are multi-lingual and can speak English, Hindi and Gujarati.

How many days are ideal for a holiday at Club Mahindra Gir?

4 to 5 days usually suffice for a short vacation at Club Mahindra Gir. Through this time, you can indulge in both the in-resort and out-of-resort facilities available here.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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